Psalm 2, Who Is The King

2019 Holidays series Psalms & More

We have all risen up against God in rebellion which leads to destruction, but he has responded in love with an offer of life by sending Jesus as our true eternal king, our righteous judge and our only place of refuge. Choose God’s way, take refuge in Jesus and be blessed.

Speaker: Matt Crosthwaite
Passage: Psalm 2
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What were they thinking?
What was God thinking?
What are you thinking?

Talk 8, Life and Death

Deuteronomy 'Choose Life"

On the edge of the promised land, Israel are faced with the age-old choice between love & life and disobedience & death. Moses urges Israel to choose more wisely than their ancestors so they can enjoy a long & blessed life in the land. But Israel’s decision to choose death didn’t end God’s plan to bless his people. To secure life for us, Jesus chose death for himself and broke the cycle of disobedience and death forever.

Speaker: Pete Thompson
Passage: Deuteronomy 30
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In: Leave Now!

1. An Easy Choice

2. Dumb Choices: Israel (29:19-28) & Us (why do we choose death?)

3. God’s Final Plea (30:1-10 + Romans 10:5-13 & gospel: Jesus chose death so we can choose life)

Talk 4, A Holy People

Deuteronomy 'Choose Life"

God calls his people to live holy lives distinct from the world. He chose to make us holy by his mercy and grace. God shows his mercy to his holy people sparing them from his righteous judgement and his grace in keeping his covenant of love, giving us life through Christ and blessing us in him eternally.

Speaker: Matt Crosthwaite
Passage: Deuteronomy 7
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Intro – Destroy!

1- Holy to the Lord

2- Loved by the Lord

3- Secure in the Lord

Out – Victorious