Talk 7, Babylon the Prostitute

Revelation, Kingdom Come

The final chapters of Revelation describe two cities in the likeness of a prostitute & a bride and asks, to which do we belong/which is our home?

Speaker: Matt Crosthwaite
Passage: Revelation 17:1-19:10
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In: A Tale of Two Cities

1. Behind the Mask

2. The Fate of God’s Foes

3. The Future for God’s Friends

Talk 3, History Repeats

Revelation, Kingdom Come

When we receive the Holy Spirit, he gives us a clear view of history that helps us to see that among the chaos of the world – God is and always has been in control, his plan culminates with his judgement on the world and salvation by his grace for all those who believe in his son for his eternal glory. Knowing this helps us to boldly give up our lives for the sake of the gospel, continually saying no to the world and yes to Christ – for the reality is that our eternal lives are hid with Christ – and together we will rejoice along with all of the saints from every tribe, nation and tongue, singing praises to God and to the lamb.

Speaker: Matt Crosthwaite
Passage: Revelation 6-9
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In: It’s a Mad World
1. Chaos
2. Control
3. Called

Psalm 2, Who Is The King

2019 Holidays series Psalms & More

We have all risen up against God in rebellion which leads to destruction, but he has responded in love with an offer of life by sending Jesus as our true eternal king, our righteous judge and our only place of refuge. Choose God’s way, take refuge in Jesus and be blessed.

Speaker: Matt Crosthwaite
Passage: Psalm 2
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What were they thinking?
What was God thinking?
What are you thinking?