Talk 8, Life and Death

On the edge of the promised land, Israel are faced with the age-old choice between love & life and disobedience & death. Moses urges Israel to choose more wisely than their ancestors so they can enjoy a long & blessed life in the land. But Israel’s decision to choose death didn’t end God’s plan to bless his people. To secure life for us, Jesus chose death for himself and broke the cycle of disobedience and death forever.

Talk Series: Deuteronomy 'Choose Life"
Speaker: Pete Thompson
Passage: Deuteronomy 30
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Talk Outline:

In: Leave Now!

1. An Easy Choice

2. Dumb Choices: Israel (29:19-28) & Us (why do we choose death?)

3. God’s Final Plea (30:1-10 + Romans 10:5-13 & gospel: Jesus chose death so we can choose life)